About Our Santa Rosa Valley

SRLODGEROOMThe Santa Rosa Valley of Scottish Rite Masons has authority to meet under the direct dispensation of the Supreme Council of The Southern Jurisdiction of the United States. It is a sanctuary for all good men who desire to be even better than they are now and who desire to reach beyond the third degree. Our Valley is a place free of judgment and fortified with spiritual pursuit and diplomacy. It is not a charity, a self help group, a sobriety club, or a gentlemen’s lounge. Our Valley strives to be a modern manifestation of the oldest mystery school traditions, and to live up to the title and honor of being “The University of Freemasonry”……Erected through this gentle Craft, we are proud to carry the torch of such an ancient and honorable Rite. Our casual flare and humorous fellowship is rivalled only by our positively strict observance of ritual and masonic education. We are elite, but not elitists!



Secretary’s Office